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Emporium Melbourne location is the first branch that we launched for Unabara Lobster & Oyster Bar. The menu is French inspired, highlights Australian Lobsters, Katsu Steak & seafood stone-grill set, deluxe cold seafood platter and wide range of Australian pacific oysters, such as Coffin Bay Pacific oyster, Sydney rock oysters, Blackman Bay, and many more. All oysters are seasonal and freshly shucked to order.

Lobster Roll!

Unabara is the only restaurant which serves a classic New York and an altered version of lobster roll here in the heart of Melbourne. All of the lobster rolls in Unabara Melbourne mentioned are served with a side salad or fries to spice things up and be even more delicious with a hint of New York feels.


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Melbourne Central's Unabara Highlights

Melbourne Central Branch’s menu is more Japanese inspired, our signature dish is Deluxe Unabara Lobster Sapporo Miso Ramen, which features Western Lobster. Our luxurious broth is infused with our lobster bisque, simmered for 16 hours with lobster stock, and combine with akamiso (red soy bean paste), to create this thick, creamy & unique broth. Another must-try dishes are our Unabara Grill House Set, only in Melbourne Central store! Traditional Japan style teppan grill seafood and variety of meats featuring Porterhouse steak, ribeye cap steak and lamb cutlets for choices!

Lobster Ramen

If you love lobster and Japanese ramen, then Unabara  Melbourne Central branch is the place for you – the Deluxe Unabara Lobster Sapporo Miso Ramen is only available in this branch! It is a new, delicious addition to the menu, only available in Melbourne Central. The sumptuous grilled lobster is the star on our menu.


Our Lobster Broth & Chijiremen

We start off our soup base with our lobster bisque, our lobster bisque is simmered for 12 hours with lobster stock, celery, onions, tomatoes, and special blend of herbs. Infusing with your choice of soup base to create the our signature lobster broth.

Ramen noodles differ in texture, thickness and shape.In general, the Japanese prefer chewy, firm noodles, but in some regions a more soft texture can also be popular.

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Emporium Store

(03) 9639 8888

Level 1, Shop 36, Emporium Melbourne


Melbourne Central Store

(03) 9662 9009

L01/211 La Trobe St, Melbourne Central


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