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We are Unabara, and we serve the sea’s most delicious bounties; freshly caught lobsters and shucked oysters, all washed down with a delicious selection of wines. We have made it our mission to bring you the best ingredients at exquisite quality, all caught in sustainable ways. Freshness is our secret ingredient at Unabara; your tastebuds know the difference! We have committed ourselves to picking an unrivalled selection of wild and sustainable fish, oysters, lobsters and many other shellfish to make you feel as if you really were dining by the Sea of Japan!


We are committed to freshness. All seafood served at our bar is at the very pinnacle of freshness, and cooked and arranged to arouse the senses and tantalise the tastebuds. Our commitment to serving only the freshest of catches means we don’t need to attempt to heighten our flavours with too much seasoning. Instead, we let you taste the natural flavours of lobster, oysters, shellfish and other delectable treasures from the sea!


“Seafood, to taste right, must swim three times – in water, in butter, and in wine” or so goes the saying. As a result, we have a wide range of delicious reds, whites, roses and more, all carefully selected to best compliment the dishes we serve. Our selection includes enchanting Japanese Plum wine to accompany your choice of seafood platter for the evening.

The perfect seafood platter in Melbourne!

The amazing seafood platter that you can find in Melbourne consists of a variety of best seafood dishes which is given down below. Unlike others, Unabara, just like the name suggested which means ocean and the seaside in English serves a unique chilled seafood platter suitable for all whether be it you are a seafood lover or just a casual seafood eater! Also, the mission of Unabara is to serve customers delicious seafood menu while maintaining its peak quality to satisfy seafood enthusiasts.

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Unabara is the only restaurant which serves a classic New York and an altered version of lobster roll here in the heart of Melbourne. All of the lobster rolls in Unabara Melbourne mentioned are served with a side salad, a petite lobster bisque and fries to spice things up and be even more delicious with a hint of New York feels.


Savour an afternoon and evening drink at Unabara before dipping into the innovative dining menu with fine seafood creations. It is the only lobster bar restaurant in Melbourne that serves a wide range of seafood such as fresh oysters and lobsters with different styles of serving.

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Brunch is in the DNA of every Melbournian. A Japanese brunch in Melbourne sounds even better than a classic brunch, right? At Unabara, the Japanese brunch restaurant aims to serve the best brunch menu which is altered to be special.

Brunch menu is available from 10.30am to 4pm everyday.

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